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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

great link

A great website about the fantasy/sci-fi genre

Here are some points I liked-

"At Cricket Books, Saller finds that inexperienced science fiction and fantasy writers waste creative energy thinking up quirky names for characters that are purely good or evil, rather than complex people with whom readers can sympathize. "They are too often content with one-dimensional characters and plots that depend on coincidence."

I also think that putting my novel aside for the moment (it is a big task and I am doubting it more and more- is fantasy even selling to young adults these days? All I see on the 'popular' shelves at walmart is chicklit...ugh!) and I am going to concentrate on reading and writing SHORT stories- writing shorts will help me improve my craft and if I can actually get published by a SciFi/Fantasy magazine that will boost my ego TREMONDOUSLY and I seriously NEED some encouragement right now as Im in the pessimistic stage of my novel and filled with self doubt)
I am thinking I may submit here-
after I read one of their actual magazines at Books-A-Million to see what their 'flavor' is.  The previous link also has a lot of publishers they mention =) maybe here too-but I only have until my 24th birthday!!

Now for some short story ideas!


Useful Websites

The Fantasy Novelist's Exam (funny!)

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